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A life-changing way of praying for your future husband


Every Single Moment

Every Single Moment: 100 Powerful Prayer Prompts to help you Savor the Present and Prepare for the Future. 

100 powerful prayer prompts that will help you thrive while you're single and dating, and set you up for an amazing future marriage!

With this journal, you can create a time-capsule, keepsake of the moments leading up to your love story. 

With plenty of space to write and reflect in response to life-changing, thought-provoking, brave-prayer provoking prayer prompts that will help you cover your love life in prayer, and fill your heart with hope, joy, and peace. 

Capture your best thoughts, your most heart-felt hopes, and your boldest prayers. Best of all, you’ll finish this journal with a beautiful time-capsule keepsake of this chapter of your love story and where God showed up in the midst of it. 


This prayer journal will help you…

  • Teach you how to pray for your future marriage and future family

  • Take chances, go on adventures, and make this season rich, transformative, and wildly fun.

  • Start healing from some of the things that have happened in your past, so you don’t have to carry them into your future.

  • Help you discover and embrace your identity in Christ (It’s time for you to feel as beautiful and wonderful as you are!) 

  • Keep you from settling for a life (or a relationship!) that’s less than God’s best for you

  • Feel more peace as you trust God with your love life in a whole new way.

  • Navigate the dating scene with more faith and confidence (purpose?)

  • Find, strengthen, and maintain life-long friendships — that will carry you through all seasons of your life

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Every Single Moment

This prayer journal is the best thing you can do for your life today and your marriage down the road.


Every Single Moment is a keepsake you’ll treasure forever... a record of your story and the loving God who showed up in the midst of it.


Every Single Moment will leave you free from fear,

alive with hope, and ready for love.


Take a peek at the first few pages…



Dear Friend, 

I started my very first journal in sixth grade. I had a new boyfriend named Erik, and I was entirely unsure how I felt about him (I mean, you remember sixth grade, right?). I purchased a small black journal with matte black pages, and in silver gel pen, I began pouring out everything I was thinking and feeling. 

That journal started something very real and incredibly important in my life, and I’ve been journaling ever since—recording, day-by-day, the first, slightly sloppy draft of the story of my life. 

I became a Christian at the end of college. That’s when someone told me you could journal and pray at the same time; that writing your prayers to God was not only a way to keep your mind from wandering, but also a great way to keep a record of God’s faithfulness in your life. It made perfect sense to me, and it fit how I already processed thoughts and emotions. Needless to say, I jumped on that train immediately. Fast forward nearly a decade and I have boxes and boxes of prayer journals. They’re my most prized possession. 

One of my favorite prayer journals is the one I kept in the season just before I met my husband, Carl. I was ready to meet my person, and it was painful watching so many of my friends meet their husbands first. It was a lonely season for me in a lot of ways, but it was also a rich, transformative, and wildly fun time in my life as well—and to be honest, I’m not sure if I would have noticed that without this habit of prayer journaling.

I was praying about a lot of things in those days—pouring out pages and pages of hopes, dreams, and fears. I was praying that God would help me become the woman He created me to be, and that He would use me to do big and beautiful things in the world. I was praying about my identity and my friendships, both of which felt a bit rocky in those days, and I wanted to see growth and change. I wanted to savor these days and to make the most of every single moment of this season of my life. In the midst of all of that, I was also praying for my future husband and for the life we’d build together. 

Every single one of those prayers made a difference in my life back then and in my marriage today. Through them, God helped me heal from the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future in the most beautiful way. 

Prayer journaling plays a central role in my life and I recommend it to everyone I meet—especially people navigating singleness, dating, and all the feelings this season brings with it. 

A prayer journal invites you to peek into your heart, gather up what you find, and sort through it with God’s help. As you open up these tender parts of yourself to God, He steps into them and changes you, redeems you, heals you, and transforms you in ways you might not even be able to imagine. 

Prayer journals are also a great way to document your story as it’s happening. Our lives go by quickly, and if you’re anything like me, you can’t even remember what you ate for dinner last week, let alone details that happened months or even years ago. I love having a record of what I was doing just weeks before I met my husband. I love re-reading my thoughts from the moments just before our first date. I love reading the prayers I was praying for our future marriage and seeing all the ways they’ve been answered. 

Our journals are the first draft of our life story—our love story. They’re a gift to our future selves, a beautiful keepsake documenting God’s presence and faithfulness in our lives. That’s what I pray this journal becomes for you. 

I’m also praying that this prayer journal brings you peace.

The thing most people gloss over is the fact that prayer is hard. It’s like folding a fitted sheet— we’re never sure if we’re doing it right. Prayer for your future person is even harder. There may be times when you don’t pray into your future because you’re not sure if it matters. I’m here to tell you that it does matter! After all, deciding who to marry will impact your life more than any other decision. You definitely want God to be a part of it. But sometimes, the opposite is true, and you might find yourself only praying about your future husband, idolizing both him and marriage. Prayer becomes a way to feel like you’re living in a future that you haven’t reached quite yet. When your focus is solely on the future, you risk missing out on the present, and it is actually living and praying in the present that will prepare you for that glowing future you dream of. 

I created this prayer journal to help with the journey. It’s a guide to help you make the most of every single moment by savoring the present, which is the very best way to prepare for your future life, your future marriage, and your future family. 

Best of all, this is a keepsake—a record of your story and the loving God who showed up in the midst of it. 

So, let’s begin. Are you ready? 

Pray that God would help you as you begin this prayer journey. Ask Him to help you be brave and bold and intentional with the next one hundred days. Ask Him to help you do the things you know you need to do to become the woman you want to be. Ask Him to meet you in the midst of this adventure, to answer your prayers, and to transform both you and your life along the way.

Know that I’ll be praying for you the whole way through.

All my love,



About the author:

Stephanie May Wilson is an author, a podcaster, a speaker, and the go-to guide for 20 & 30-something women as they navigate their most important relationships. For almost a decade, Stephanie has passed on the wisdom she learned the hard way in her own love life — helping thousands of women truly savor their single lives, which also has set so many of them up for incredible marriages.

Stephanie’s first book, The Lipstick Gospel, is a favorite of more than 100,000 women, and her podcast, Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson has been downloaded 1.5 million times so far. It was featured by FabFitFun as one of their 5 favorite podcasts, and is regularly in the top 20 on the iTunes Religion & Spirituality charts.

When she’s not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, Stephanie is usually packing for a global adventure with her husband Carl, laughing with her close tribe of girlfriends, or snuggled up in yoga pants in her Nashville home.


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