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Every Single Moment

100 Powerful Prayers to Savor the Present and Prepare for the Future


A 90 day devotional to help you consistently connect with God — hearing from Him, trusting His plans, and feeling His presence in your everyday life.

This devotional will help you:

  • Consistently spend time with God (and feel connected to Him well beyond your morning quiet times!)  

  • Trust the plans God has for your life (and help you figure out what those plans are!)  

  • Step into your God-given identity (feeling truly beautiful & good enough in your skin). 

  • Keep your faith strong in the midst of transition, uncertainty, and really hard days  

  • Add more joy, more delight, and even more whimsy to your everyday life

  • And so much more... 


Praise for Every Single Moment

“This course has been the best decision I’ve made all year! I just can’t say thank you enough for helping me see the beauty in this period of life! You’re amazing!”

– Emily


The course is the sermon on singleness you’ve always wanted but have never found... helpful, applicable, relatable, and actually enjoyable. It’s so worth your time and money.

- Shelby


“Stephanie teaches you how to live your life so that you won’t regret anything ten years from now, and she allows you to see the whole picture in a way that is almost impossible without someone guiding you through it all.” 

– Laura


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