Devotional + The Lipstick Gospel

Devotional + The Lipstick Gospel



Today, when you purchase this listing for The Lipstick Gospel Devotional, we’ll also send you a copy of my novel, The Lipstick Gospel, for free! (A $10 book — absolutely FREE!)

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Product Details:

The Lipstick Gospel Devotional: A 90 day devotional to help you consistently connect with God — hearing from Him, trusting His plans, and feeling His presence in your everyday life.

This beautiful, 320-page paperback book, measures 5.5 x 8.5"

God has been working in my life through The Lipstick Gospel Devotional in the most incredible ways. Every single day I open up the book and find something I really need to hear.” - Libby

The Lipstick Gospel:

Go on an adventure with Stephanie in a can’t-put-it-down, quick and fun read that invites you not only into a life full of freedom, adventure, and meaning, but into a life lived abundantly in Christ.

This 124-page travel memoir measures 5 x 8"

“Through this book, I learned so many things: Cherish your friendships, heartbreak is temporary, TRAVEL, and most importantly, I learned that God is in control and He loves me. And when we’re willing to go all in trusting Him and letting Him navigate, we will go places that are so amazing, we wouldn’t believe them even if we were told.” — Amanda

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