Devotional + The Lipstick Gospel

Devotional + The Lipstick Gospel



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What women like you are saying about The Lipstick Gospel Devotional:

“Stephanie, your devotional has made me realize so much, and I’m barely halfway through. God loves me for who I am, He is always there with me no matter where I go, I can find him in my everyday life, there is never anything too broken for God, and He can and WILL redeem the broken things in my life. I’ve started saying yes to the plan He has for my life, and I’m never going back!” — Megan

“Stephanie, reading your devotional, I feel like I’ve found the older sister I always wished for. The Lord has done so much in my heart through your words.” — Mallory

“The Lipstick Gospel Devotional has been nothing short of life-changing. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, realness, and the comfort that comes from your God-given words. I crave my morning devotion time and have gotten to a place of good, of joy, and of peace that I have truly never had before. Blessed would be an understatement.” — Holly

Product Details:

The Lipstick Gospel Devotional: A 90 day devotional to help you consistently connect with God — hearing from Him, trusting His plans, and feeling His presence in your everyday life.

This beautiful, 320-page paperback book, measures 5.5 x 8.5"

The Lipstick Gospel: Go on an adventure with Stephanie in a can’t-put-it-down, quick and fun read that invites you not only into a life full of freedom, adventure, and meaning, but into a life lived abundantly in Christ.

This 124-page travel memoir measures 5 x 8"