Friendship Sweatshirt

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Friendship Sweatshirt

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On the Girls Night podcast, we always say, “Life is better, easier, and absolutely more fun when we walk through it together as girlfriends” and it really is so true! We really are better together.

So, with that in mind, we created this sweatshirt to be like the grown-up version of a friendship bracelet. (Remember those??) It’s like a cozy hug for you and for your best friend to remind you that you’re in this together.

(Don’t tell them, but Stephanie is buying one of these sweatshirts for herself, and one for each of her best friends, so that even though they’re living far away from each other, they have this cozy reminder that they still have each other!)

This gift is perfect for:

  • Your long-distance best friends

  • The girls in your small group

  • Your sister

  • The women on your team

  • And more!

Size guide:

Sweatshirts run true to size, so if you’re a medium in most shirts at the mall, we’d go with a medium here too! BUT if you want an oversized look, you might want to consider sizing up!

Product Details:

This light grey, crew neck sweatshirt is ethically made (in the USA!). It’s 50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 4% Rayon, and it’s 100% the comfiest thing in our closet! (We just love it. We don’t want to wear anything else!)

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