Guide: How to Talk to the Guy You Like

Guide: How to Talk to the Guy You Like


A 22-page downloadable guide that will help you strike up a conversation with a guy you like (and keep it going!) — whether you’re talking online, on the phone, or on a date! Goodbye small talk & sweaty palms!

This guide will help you…

  • Start a great conversation with the guy you like (and keep the conversation going!)

  • Feel more comfortable and confident (and avoid those awkward silences!)

  • Get to know the guy you're talking to on a deeper level (Do you have things in common? Is this your person? Do you have a future together? These questions will help you figure that out!)

  • Talk about your faith (and ask about his!) without feeling weird or like you're putting him on the spot.

  • Relax, open up. and let your personality shine!

  • And more!

What people are saying:

“This guide has been a total game-changer for me. I have a first date coming up this weekend, and I'm not even nervous! I feel ready, excited, and confident!" - Caroline

Product Details:

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