The Lipstick Gospel (paperback!)

The Lipstick Gospel (paperback!)


Inspired by a broken heart and a wicked hangover, Stephanie May Wilson tells the story of throwing in the towel on the life she'd been living and packing her bags for a pilgrimage across three continents — determined to find her way again.

Go on an adventure with her in a can’t-put-it-down, quick and fun read that invites you not only into a life full of freedom, adventure, and meaning, but into a life lived abundantly in Christ.

What people are saying: 

“Currently on page 75 of The Lipstick Gospel WEEPING. It’s almost like this book was written about me. Thank you for sharing your story!” - Kate

“Through this book, I learned so many things: Cherish your friendships, heartbreak is temporary, TRAVEL, and most importantly, I learned that God is in control and He loves me. And when we’re willing to go all in trusting Him and letting Him navigate, we will go places that are so amazing, we wouldn’t believe them even if we were told.” — Amanda

"Incredible book! Stephanie has a way with words that breaks down your walls and invites you in like you've been best friends for life. She is honest and raw, something our world needs more of. She has a way of saying what you want to say when you do not know how to explain it. Reading this book, I couldn't put it down. It is one that stays with you far after you have read it. It sinks deep into you and lets you feel it and relate. So grab a cup of tea and curl up with this book you will want to last forever." — Heather

"Stephanie's book is a must-read for every young woman. Seriously, I would give a copy of this book to every girl in my life - especially college girls! Stephanie's testimony is honest and pure - smattered with wit and humor. The book is an easy read and feels a lot more like a sleepover or a coffee date with your best friend than just another novel. Really, this is like the Christian version of Eat, Pray, Love and I will definitely be reading it again (and passing it on to my friends!)." — Yelena

"The Lipstick Gospel reads like Stephanie is sitting on the couch beside you, mug in hand, inviting you into her story. It’s full of compassion for the process of figuring life out, inspiration for the journey and hope for the future. She reminds us that no matter how lost we feel, we’re not the only ones looking for God—he’s looking for us too. A must-read for girls in every stage of life." — Heather R.

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