Groups of 4

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Groups of 4


Our life is a journey of piling things onto ourselves—covering ourselves with layers and layers of how we want to be seen, and who others expect us to be. The more layers we pile on the harder it is for anyone to get to know us, for us to be able to show anyone who we truly are, for us ever to feel connected. Because to feel connected, to feel truly understood and loved, we have to be known—not for our layers but for the beating heart underneath them all.

So that’s what we’re doing. In the next 6 weeks, we’re taking off the layers one by one. We’re going to do the hard, beautiful work of revealing the true us to the women around our table, and the relationships that will form along the way will change our lives.  Friendships like that always do.

What it includes:

  • 4 full-color, paperback Small Group Guides including:
    • 6 weeks of topical group conversation guides 
    • Weekly reflection prompts
    • A customizable, framable art print
    • Weekly challenges for investing even deeper in these friendships 
    • 9 ways to continue to invest in these friendships after the 6 weeks are over
  • 1 download of the Leader's Guide (the leader's guide will be emailed to you within 7 days of you buying your workbooks!)

A heartfelt request:

We have poured so much time and love into these workbooks and we're so excited to share them with you. The way we have designed them is for each member of the group to have their own book. There is space within the workbook for personal reflection, and art prints that are designed to be cut out of each workbook and framed. (They're so cute! We can't wait for you to see them!) Because we designed them this way, we humbly ask you not to make copies or share workbooks. The profits from the workbooks allow us to pay our bills which allows us to continue doing what we believe we are meant to do in the world. And when illegal copies are made, or workbooks are passed around,  it really hurts our ability to continue. Thank you so much for your consideration and respect! 

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